“Lack of time is actually lack of priorities.”

-Timothy Ferris

4.Do is a task manager based off of President Eisenhower's decision principle made popular by Dr. Stephen Covey.


The basic premise is that some tasks are urgent, and some are not. Some tasks are important to our long-term values and goals, and some are not. The problem is that we fall into the trap of focusing our energy on the things that are not important to us or our end goals. 

Here is where 4.Do comes in. Unlike other apps, 4.Do directs focus to what is actually important by grouping tasks into the Covey matrix of Urgency and Importance.

4.Do also provides multiple ways to sort and filter your tasks. Helping you to, for example, separate home tasks from school tasks.

4.Do is beautifully designed and comes with multiple light and dark background choices, as well as colors to customize each quadrant with. 

You can even create your own custom colors if the pre-existing ones aren't enough.

4.Do a.k.a Four Do a.k.a Four dot do